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Sunday, March 24th, 2013 8:00 PM

Connectivity issues....again

First off, thanks to another poster, I see that residential customers in various areas are getting a free speed boost increase at no additional cost. Are us Business Class getting shafted or are we also getting a free boost in speed?


See Here


Secondly, I am really starting to wonder if it will be better for a well paying long lasting customer with a great reputation with Comcast, shouldn't start looking for a new ISP? Where to begin... Ok here goes


I am still getting the same slow speed/lag in both download and upload speeds that residential customers are getting in my neighborhood in both the mornings, evenings, and most of the entire weekend.


Next, for whatever reason, despite the repeated complaints here and by what used to be freely offered live chat, and phone conversations, we are still being basically forced to use this junk SMC Gateway/modem, that doesn't even have it's Wi-Fi (let alone actually providing 802.11ac faster Wi-Fi capabilities, still doesn't offer an IPv6 address, and still offers slower than expected download speeds, from locations that have very well tested high speed servers, like


For "Live" chat that supposedly exists? Residential customers get an easy to click button on the Comcast sign-in help page, but we as paid customers don't? The phone chat assistance is about as effective as stoving a screw driver into a computer's power supply. Also, what exactly is this, as a paid Business Class customer, I have to pay even more to be able to actually get tech support? It's not very "Signature" support, when I have to pay for support that is supposed to be already offered with my account??


I am still having constant stable connection issues as well. I've already had a technician here and replaced the SMC Gateway, and also had two different technicnans that directly disagreed with the other's decision, that one claimed my signal was way too low and raised it. the other swore the reason I was getting the issues was that it was too high on signal strength and lowered it way down. I've already had new cable wiring installed, including a new connector on the outside of my house. A line tech was also scheduled, and he did show up, but spent all his time on a ladder on a phone pole, and didn't once come work on the lines and connections inside my house. I was also told, that the person, whatever that position is called, that is in charge of the lines and connections for the high speed Internet in my town is obviously not doing the job he is getting paid for. He said he schedled a replacement of the box across the street where the main connection goes, but it has been months, and no one here has ever seen a Comcast truck replacing the box the line tech told me is over 10 years old and should have been replaced years ago. I'm also told, I could buy my own cable modem/router that does include the Wi-Fi standard I require, supports direct IPv6, that is on the allowed device list. However, even if I return the SMC Gateway, I will still be charged every month for renting something I don't have any more and its part of my bill??



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