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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 8:00 PM

Business data circuit down, no tech till tomorrow?

My business internet circuit is down.  Called in and spoke to a level 1 support rep.  Opened a ticket and he tells me that the technician will come by tomorrow.


WTF, Comcast.  I'm trying to run a 24x7x365 tech business here in the land of covid and you're telling me that my connectivity will be offline for a minimum of 18 hours.


Simply Not Acceptable, especially at the prices you charge.  This is a business data circuit, not some "Netflix and Chill" Xfinity data capped consumer grade junk..



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2 y ago

This is why I'm probably dropping "business class" service.


The initial scheduled service call for my last outage, (about two months) was about 40 hours.


I need none of the other features of biz-class (Norton and ??)


I can get more speed, for less money, using a "residential" plan.


I have absolutely no clue what "business class" is supposed to mean?

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2 y ago

I'm thinking the same thing. I thought Business Class internet was deemed mission critical with fast SLAs to resolve any issues. Or at least that's how they sold it to me. Hasn't been the case, and I'm continuing to experience outages that go unaddressed.