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Mon, Sep 17, 2012 1:00 PM

Bridge mode, VPN between two offices each with Comcast lines. Frustrated and about to drop Comcast!

I'm trying to set up a VPN between our corporate and satellite office each of which has a Comcast business class line with the SMC gateway/router and static ips and sitting between the SMC and on each network I have an ASA 5505 at the satellite office and a ASA 5520 at the corporate office.  Prior to getting the Comcast line at the Corporate office I had a T-1 line at the corporate office and had a successful VPN connection through this arrangement at the corporate office (T1-->2620 router -->ASA 5520-->network) and the satellite office (comcast line-->SMC-->ASA5505-->network).     


I have spent numerous hours trying to get the VPN set up and even had CISCO support trying to 3+ hours and they could not get the VPN up.   I think the issue is that the corporate comcast gateway is not it bridge mode.  I have placed numerous calls to Comcast support to get them to put the satellite office gateway/router into bridge mode. I still do not think it is exactly there because when I log into the Comcast gateway at the satellite office and go to gateway summary, network and look at the WAN DHCP IP address, WAN DHCP Subnet Mask and WAN DHCP Default Gateway are all  The WAN Internet IP Address is correct and showing my static ip.  When I hade the VPN up with the T-1 line, these values were the same.  However, on the corporate comcast gateway all these values have ip addresses, not zeros.  Therefore, I believe the corporate router is not configured in bridge mode.  It is definitely configured differently than the satellite site's.


Anyone have any ideas on 1. Getting a VPN up between two comcast lines in the configuration I have  2. Have a good contact at Comcast to get my SMC gateways configured the same?

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9 m ago

2021-The same issue in Denver, CO. 

Ticket CR-967966445

Comcast technical support had resolved the problem in May 2021 but would not share documentation of the fix.  Now it is November 2021 in the issue is back.  Every other network, hotspot, other non-Denver office location can access the server through VPN accept Denver office.

Comcast Business was a delight to work with during setup.  But technical support is no help and refuses to escalate to the next tier level.  Some have even repeatedly stated that  "if you can access Google, the problem is on your end".  

When I've contacted account reps that signed us up-CRICKETS!

There are forum posts on this from 10 years ago.  Why is there no protocol? 

Comcast, please educate your support staff.  Then tell them to answer the phone.  Please.