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Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 7:00 AM

Private Wifi keeps dropping signal

​Our business private wifi keeps dropping its signal and even when it is up some devices are not able to connect.​

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​I would also like to turn off the public XfinityWifi. If the Business private wifi keeps dropping, I would like to turn that off too and use our own wireless router.​

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​I have unplugged the Comcast gateway and made sure everyone else disconnected and reconnected their wireless devices, but that has not helped. ​

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​I can't keep disrupting everyone trying to get some work done even though the poor service continues to cause disruption.​



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8 years ago

Hi adamc301.  Public WiFi has been disabled in the Comcast gateway. Signal loss can be due to equipment or line issue.  The Business Service Center can isolate the issue and schedule a service call is needed. Also you can disable private wifi at any time by logging into the gateway and clicking the connections tab and then the wifi tab to access the setup page.  


thank You