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Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 6:00 PM

Enabling XFINITY hotspot

​I have tried to troubleshoot the issue myself previously with several technicians but I was unable to do so. On the contrary of most of the people I would like to enable hotspot on my modem so my guests and employees can use the WIFI.​

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​I have also tried to turn off the WIFI wait for 3 days and turn it back on but that did not help either.​

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​However, my issue is when we connect to XFINITY there is No Internet on the SSID. I can use the same username at home and it works perfectly fine so I am guessing that my modem is not activated with the hotspot feature and it is connecting to someone else's office hotspot.​

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2 years ago

Thanks so much for reaching out and for your patience, @letsgoboys


You mentioned you've already done some troubleshooting so to make sure, is it this that you are using to try to turn the Hotspot on? If so, please click on my handle (Comcast_Gina) and send a private message with your name, the business name, the complete service address (including city, state, ZIP, suite number, etc), and the phone or account number, and any other pertinent details so we can help get that turned on for you 🙂