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Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 5:00 AM

Devices say I need Xfinity Internet and show no connection options

I am not able to access any Xfinity hotspots at all since changing over to business internet.  At first I thought it was normal, because I don't have residential service anymore, but even on the business literature, it says that I should have access.  When I contacted residential because it is their service it complained about, they told me that they couldn't do anything because I only have television through them now.  In addition, my TV will no longer contact anything on the Internet, again telling me that I need Xfinity internet even though the TV is running on a LAN, not wireless.  I find it particularly odd that it seems to detect lack of residential service, as none of my computers have any issue.

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6 years ago

I would like to assist with your wifi access concerns. Can you please provide the name, address and phone number on the account through private message?