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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 3:11 AM

Why is comcast holding phone numbers hostage so we can't port them out to a new carrier?

On June 25th of 2021 I started a simple port request to take all 13 phone numbers to another carrier. Well, Comcast only released 1 number and then is blocking the others. The business has moved locations and is no longer at the same place. WE have no contract and there is no need to be paying for phone numbers that are not being used. We were initially told that all we would have to do is send a LOA and that it was all that was needed. Well, I have heard it all; First, it was that comcast was not allowed to have me talk to their porting department. Then it was that my bill had to be current, meaning the billing cycle had to post my last payment. Then it was that my equipment had to be able to take calls. Then it was the report showing that the lines were not configured to take voicemails. Lastly the most comical one was that since the acct is current but the devices are disconnected.... You guessed it!  the lines are disconnected.Comcast please stop holding the phone lines hostage just to make the quote for this fiscal year and let us port our numbers to another carrier.  Anybody else here had the same ordeal ? Oh and just to be clear we have had the carrier the numbers are going to submit the port request 15 times. 

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