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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 12:00 PM

Voiceedge App keypad does not work during call

When calling a customer who has a voice tree, the voice edge keypad does not work to generate tones.  So am unable to dial an extension.  



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2 y ago

I have a similar issue. When a call comes in that requires press a key to continue, you can't. The keypad doesn't generate the tones. I had a call from Comcast to confirm an appt. The robocall said to press one to confirm, but when I click on the 1 in the dial pad nothing happens. The robot says, "I'm sorry. That is not a valid option. Please press one to confirm the appt."  The keypad doesn't register the number tones. Of course it is the same for robo calls saying press 7 to be removed from this list. You can press 7, but it doesn't register. I hope they fix these major glitches soon.