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Wed, May 5, 2021 10:18 PM

Soo many problems with the Voice Edge App

I have many questions but my main one is, why would you make us use this Voice Edge app when it has soo many issues?

And here are just a few:

My audio settings change back to the app default after every call or an undetermined amount of inactivity or maybe some random act of God. I cannot change these settings while the call is coming in or even on the call.  I see that taunting audio button up there when I am on a call and change it, but guess what, that is just a way to crush your dreams because it does not work.

Then the ringing that continues after I answer a call, after I hang up the call and even log out of the app. I have to go to my Task manager to "end task" to get it to end. Thus resulting in having to sign back in and reset my audio settings for the 10th time that day.

And nevermind trying to answer the phone in the first place unless you are just staring at the app to see the tiny banner that appears when a call comes in or have that earpiece in your ear the whole time. If you take your eyes off of it for a minute, say you are resetting your app settings for the 10th time of the day, you have missed a call. 

And is there a way to simply log out of the app? Since working from home, I will sometimes come back to my computer after my work is done to see it mysteriously logged back in and a missed call up there. 

For the love of all things holy and just, please let us use the old softphone until you guys get this app in a decent working order. I have sent multiple feedback reports since this was an option a while back and the same problems are still happening. Seem like the tech guys could careless about us working stiffs trying to conduct business with our clients.

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7 m ago

Hi there. We certainly appreciate your feedback on these features and we're glad you've brought them to our attention. I do want to let you know that Comcast Business regularly evaluates our Business VoiceEdge features' usage and how our customers use them. We sometimes change how and where they're enabled or disabled to provide our business customers the most direct and efficient experience we can offer. Please know that we're here to help and I can definitely pass along your feedback. I do want to clarify a few things with you here first. It's interesting that you haven't been able to manage audio settings while on a call, you should have the ability to do so. Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly, are you unable to toggle the microphone/speaker selection while on an active call or conference? With our 'Be Anywhere' feature, you have the ability to play a ringtone on your desktop for incoming calls and you can also select additional physical phones to ring when you receive a call. There is an additional option you can enable to also have an assigned account phone set to always ring as well- for backup. Do you have the Google Chrome extension enabled, along with dialing integration toggled on? 


Here are some resources that may come in handy as well. You may have already seen them: and We look forward to continuing helping out with the difficulties you're running into. Talk soon.  

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7 m ago

This is the audio button I am talking about. It also doesn't change anything if I go in to the settings and change the speaker.

I could click on this all day and it still will not change the output.

I have sent multiple feedbacks through the app but maybe that doesn't work either.

I have it set to ring to my desktop, but since I have headphones plugged in, it rings to those and not the computer speakers.

I am working from home due to the pandemic so the back up phone is useless to me since that is at the office.

I do not have the Google Chrome extension. I feel that is not need to answer our incoming calls.

My bigger problem is the ringing that still happens while I am on a call and have to physical shut down the app and restart it.

We only use these phones to answer and transfer a call. We do not need screen sharing and conferencing. We should be given a choice on which softphone to use instead of being forced to use the Voice Edge App.