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Mon, Feb 9, 2015 8:00 AM

New User Setup

Is there a basic checklist of tasks for BVE that should be completed when replacing a terminated employee with a new one?




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6 y ago

HI docmella.  Here is this list of steps needed to accomplish this task, all of which can be done in the Tech Admin Portal:

1. Access the User Account area of the Tech admin Portal, select the User, and select Manage User.
2. Select the User Profile Tab
3. Open up the Name field, and put in the new employees name (be sure and hit Save). This will update the online Company   Directory.
4. Open up the Calling Line ID field, and put in the new employees name. That will update the display when the new employee calls his/her co-workers.
5. Open up the Username field, and create a new username based on the new employees name and extension number. This will be the new username for the Web Portal/Toolbar and Mobile App.
6. Open up the Password field, and create a new password. This is the password for the Web Portal/ Toolbar and Mobile App
7. Open up Voicemail PIN field, and create new Voicemail PIN code. 


Give the new Username and Password to the new employee and they can reset the passwords to something of their own. Once the new employee accesses their Web Portal, they can reset their own secret questions for future password resets.


Give the Voicemail PIN to the new employee and let them reset the PIN code to a new one, record their Voicemail greetings, and delete any leftover voicemails.


Thank You

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5 y ago

Thanks John

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4 y ago

This list is a helpful checklist but I'm also curious if there is a "Reset Extension" option that would return all customized settings and preferences to their default values, clear out saved voicemails, greetings, etc.


In this same scenario, we may have a new employee replacing a former employee but instead of going through every admin option to remove custom settings, it would be easier to reset and remove the past employee's settings at once and know that he/she is starting with the basic default features. 


Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.



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4 y ago

i try to setup user and i get this error "The email address selected is already registered, please select another email address"

i was trying to setup a billing manager and some how her email address was wrong

i chatted with support and try told me to delete the user and re add 

i try and keep getting this message

i cannot ener a differant email address this is the users email address it has to be this email addrss? 



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4 y ago


Hi lsnarskis and welcome to the support forums. 


I would like to assist with your email issue. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business.