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Saturday, July 29th, 2023 5:55 PM

Moving VoiceEdge to VLAN from main LAN

I want to create a VLAN for some of my computers and also put Comcast VOIP into this VLAN. However, the Edgewater router refuses to accept the new IP and thus not able to provision any of the phone that is connect to the new VLAN.  For example, my main LAN is and the new VLAN is   My question is two folds: 1) Can Edgewater router function on a subnet VLAN rather than main LAN and 2) How can we move it's IP ?

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for reaching out to us here today with your questions! Can you reach out privately, so we can cover the details of your account. You can start by clicking the chat icon located in the top right corner of your forums page when signed in. Once there, you can direct your messages to "Xfinity Support." Please add your full name and service address to help us locate your account. Let me know if you have any questions.