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Fri, Jun 19, 2015 11:00 AM

Manage VoiceEdge services via the Customer Portal

Business VoiceEdge (BVE) customers have access to some feature management through the BVE Portal.  Click this link to login.  




Once logged in, customers now have the ability to manage features, listen to or delete voicemails, upload personal greetings, and manage the configuration of group or user level features based on acess level.  

The different access levels, listed below, allows the user to perform different functions within the portal:

  • User - Personal TN feature management
  • Technical Admin - Group feature access, and password resets
  • Customer Admin - Same access as technical admin plus reporting, billing, and call detail record (CDR) access. 

On initial login to this site, security questions and answers will need to be set. This allows for quick and easy password retrieval if the password is forgotten.  Once logged in, the customer will be directed to the portal dashboard. HOW7188-04.png


All features and services associated with the Business VoiceEdge account can be viewed and managed here.  Please note that ability to manage the account services is based on your user access level.



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