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Wed, Jan 7, 2015 3:00 PM

Hunt Group - Call Intercept

Note to Forum Admins - this is NOT about call park-call pickup - thank you.

I've seen a couple of similiar post that have been given the run-around on this... Don't do that here - NOT what this is about.


I need to know what the " *code "  -or-  "# code"  is to pick up (intercept) an incoming live call on a hunt group with a simultenuous ring.  (i.e. - an incoming call is ringing on 5 sets of the defined Hunt Group and a handset OTHER than the 5 needs to grab the incoming call)


The sales 'team' repeatedly said this was a feature we would have and you simply had to enter the "Call Pickup" feature code for ANY handset to grab an incoming call on the hunt group.   I've been though every document - every video - every pamphlet - and contacted every sales rep - have not gotten an answer to this simple question in over 6 months!!!!!


So what is the code / feature to do this???




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7 y ago

Hello BVEdge-regretter welcome to the forum


This is an excellent question and I believe I have an answer for what you are looking for. My best recommendation is to create a call pickup group within the Voice Edge portal which can be accomplished if you are logged in as an account admin. Go to Group Account > Advanced> Call Pickup group. Create a group and include your number plus the numbers you would like the ability to pick up. When a call comes in on one of the 5 lines in that hunt group you can pick up your receiver and dial *98 and you can pick up the call. Here is some more info on this option:


Business VoiceEdge:  Business VoiceEdge includes a feature known as Directed Call Pick Up. This feature allows an end user to answer an incoming call that was ringing on another phone within the business. An end user can take advantage of this feature by picking up their phone upon hearing a co-worker’s telephone ring and dialing *97 plus the co-worker’s extension number (phone that was ringing) to answer the incoming call that was originally placed for their co-worker. A related feature is called Call Pick Up Group. With this feature, several people are assigned to a Call Pick Up Group, using the Tech Admin Portal. When there is an incoming call to the group number, any member of the group can pick up their phone and dial *98 to answer the call. For more BVE feature information and quick reference guides, go to


Please let us know if this is the feature you were looking for.


Thank you

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7 y ago

We actually set up this group on our first day of activiation - however no one knows how it works...

We will try this tomorrow!  Thanks!

Why oh why has it taken since July 29th to get this answered?????

NO ONE else working for ConCast seems to have this knowledge. 

Kudos to you!