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Thursday, April 27th, 2023 9:21 PM

Hunt Group Busy Policy *51 and *52

Recently the handset activation for Hunt Group Busy policy stopped working. 

What use to work:

#51 then the Hunt group extension, and #

Example #51 1234#

This will busy the Hunt  group and all calls will then go to the answering service.

The next morning, 

#52 1234# and it would turn off the busy indicator.

This stopped working for our main line, but it still works for a different hunt group.

I've tried moving the phone # and hunt group extension to a new hunt group, but the problem moves along with it.

Any insight as you how to get this working again?

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10 months ago

@user_bc5013. I recommend calling in to business support for this as they may have to delete and rebuild the hunt group.