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Fri, Apr 1, 2022 1:18 AM

Configuring Phones to Send People to Hold

I need my main business line to send people to hold when all agents are busy, instead of ringing through on call waiting. We often only have one person working and need to have people wait on hold rather than just ring. We get so many complaints that we don't answer the phone, when in actuality, the agent is just on another call.

How do I do this? Is it a Hunt Group setting, a call queue?

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Hello, I know how important it is to customize your phone experience. There are four types of Hunt Group call patterns that can be selected based on your needs. You must be an Admin to configure a Hunt Group. 



Simultaneous: The incoming call rings the phone of all available users in the group. The call connects to the first user to answer the call.

Regular: Incoming calls always ring the phone at the top of the user list and circulates through the list until either an available user is found, or the end of the list is reached. After reaching the end of the list, the call will go to voicemail or to another phone number.

Circular: Incoming calls are distributed round-robin. The first call goes to line one, the second will go to line two and continues to distribute calls in order until the end of the list is reached and will start over at the first line. Lines are skipped only if the user is already on another call.

Uniform: The incoming call is presented to the user that has been idle for the longest time.


If you need to manage you call queue settings instead, here's a link that can walk you through this process!;