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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 3:09 PM

Changing display names on physical phone

I am trying to change the names displayed on the buttons on the phone, and on the side car.  The phone numbers are assigned to users, and even though I changed a user (unassigned/reassigned) online, the physical phone still displays the old user.  When I search the directory on the physical phone, only 4 of the 14 users appear as options.  I cannot change the names, spellings, order of names, nothing.  There are a million of these posts i've looked through without answers.  I've looked through knowledge articles, and nothing helps.  I had already called Comcast about the issue, person couldn't help me and transferred me and I couldn't wait another hour on the phone for someone else that can't help.  Please tell me how I can change the PHYSICAL phone display names (not caller ID, not outbound calls, not online, on the PHYSICAL phone - and the side panel).  Thank you

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27 days ago

Hello @helenas1, thanks for taking the time to reach out on our Business Forums. We greatly appreciate and value your business. I am sorry to hear about the complications you've experienced with this displayed name features issue. I certainly know the importance of getting this fixed as soon as possible, so I am sorry to hear you have not received the proper help. 


I do apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused you thus far, but this issue would have to be worked through our Business VoiceEdge department. Please contact our Business VoiceEdge Customer Support at (877) 761-7401.