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Mon, Jul 28, 2014 7:00 AM

cannot set up VOICE MAIL fairly new Comcast Business Account

Good day 

I am trying to log into the Phone configuration on line and seem to be locked out - or do not have enough in my profile to get through the process.  Now I am locked out - and was on hold for a LONG TIME last week.  Now on HOLD again for way to long.  I need to be able to set up voice mail on the phone ASAP - since I am paying for it.


I have tried to dial *99 from my office phone and it rings busy.  Other posts - state that the VM may not be connected to the phone number correctly - please see about resolving this today - since I am paying for and need to use the VM features.




Dean S




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7 y ago

Hi deanslater.  The Regional Support Center informed us that voicemail service is now active on your account.  Please let us know if you require further assistance with voicemail setup.


Thank You