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Fri, Sep 24, 2021 1:43 PM

Calls are going straight to voicemail

DND is not engaged. Turned be anywhere on and off. I get calls part of a hunt group, but calls straight to me go directly to voicemail. Please advise. 

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1 m ago

Good morning, @user_db75db, and thank you for reaching out through our online Forums page for assistance with your phone concerns! I see how this would have a negative impact on your business needs, to not be able to receive calls directly on your line. You've reached the right team to help get this resolved with you today!


Have you already double-checked some of the basics, such as number of rings before sending to voicemail? Are there any other troubleshooting steps you've already attempted?

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19 d ago

We are having a similar issue on 4 out of 6 lines.

No forwarding has been set or DND on the phones.

We have tried to get this resolved with the local Comcast techs but not having much luck.

Not good when only 2 out of 6 lines are operating in the business.