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Tue, Feb 4, 2020 9:00 AM

Automated assistant

Is there anyway to set up the automated assistant without recording? Is there a text-to-speech feature that I am not finding or does anyone out there know of one. My business needs about 3 or 4 lengthy greetings and we are curious if there is any feature like that. Thanks!!


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a year ago

Hey there! Thank you so much for spending your time today to reach out for help with the Comcast Business Voice services! You are awesome for bearing with us! We are very grateful for your patience! From what I understand, with our VoiceEdge Select service, I am seeing that you should be able to utilize an Automated Attendant without uploading a recording or pairing the greeting with the Automated Attendant. If you’re a Business Voice Edge customer here is a great link for managing your Automated Attendant settings. Please let me know if this helps.


When you mentioning the text to speech feature, are you referring to our readable voicemail feature for the Comcast Business Voice and VoiceEdge Select services? Business Voice and VoiceEdge Select customers can elect to receive voicemail transcripts as well as voicemail files via email. The Readable Voicemail feature converts your voicemail to text using automated speech recognition. This feature is particularly helpful for those customers who may be deaf or hard of hearing. Please note that this feature is not available in all areas. For more details on receiving voicemail transcripts, please visit the following link.