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Tue, Sep 1, 2020 7:00 AM

VoiceEdge Select Problem-TERRIBLE Audio Quality on Auto Attendant Greeting

We have been trying for over a week to improve the audio quality on a custom greeting linked to our Auto Attendant. We have tried uploading both mp3 and WAV files and the audio quality is extremely poor. We've not been able to get any sort of help from Comcast VoiceEdge Select agents on this issue, but I did find from a previous community post that in addition to the file size needing to be under 3mb, the recording also has to be done in mono and -8bits. We've had an audio engineer edit our recording over 8 times so it meets all of these guidelines and the quality is perfect when we listen to it on our computers, but once we upload it to Comcast it's awful again.  


We've been working on finding a solution for over a week and this is unacceptable that no one at Comcast trained in VoiceEdge Select can offer any other solutions. PLEASE if you know of any solutions to this problem, let us know. 


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3 m ago

We are having the same problem. Have tried at least 10 different ways up putting in the auto attendant greeting and it sounds absolutely TERRIBLE and completely UNUSABLE in any business setting. Not even acceptable for personal setting. With technology now there is no excuse for such extremely limited file size and 8 bit?! What are we in the first days of computers? Pathetic! I want my money back.