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Mon, Sep 1, 2014 11:00 AM

Voice Mail Notification

How do I know if I have voicemail messages? Is there an auditory alert or do I have to self check by dialing #99?

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Hace 8 año

Hi Brown.  The will alert you to the presence of voicemail.  You can also setup email notification for your voicemail.  Here is a link to the Comcast Business voicemail overview.  


Also here are the steps required to receive email notifications:


  1. Go to the Comcast Business Digital Voice Center.

  2. Sign in to your account. (See the "Get started with the Digital Voice Center" article for information on how to log into your account at the Comcast Business Digital Voice Center.)

    • To receive email notifications when you receive a new voicemail message:

      1. Select Preferences.

      2. Select Voice Mail.

      3. Select the checkbox "When I have a new voice mail, send an email to."

      4. You can also add additional email addresses for notification by selecting Add one and entering an email address. Select Save to save your changes to the email address.

      5. Select Save to save your voicemail email notification preferences.