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Sunday, December 18th, 2022 4:25 PM

True Space walk school ops

Warith Akbar/ Dean 

Ops in group team effort curriculum higher learning labs .

This school will also have a medical and medicine lab like no other. Advancing medicine to beyond. Smart Doc medicine. Smart med kits . AI smart doctor. Bringing your teens to there trade of chose with actual cadent attending a 6 weed pre graduate scholarship visa of county of choice to region where there trade specialized in . Your child will return at graduation. On that you will have a lady or a gentleman with honors . Meaning he probably will he fly a smart rapture or any E class NACA simulator space ship . Giving him wings as fly boy or fly girl is class.

Why because have already passed by 7000 years ago that is . That is how much data that got deleted since man have been on this planet. And still teach GED only the are forces has the ability to or know how to off the ground. If I was a bird wouldn't I want my kind to teach me how to achieve flight.

You would hope so and you can learn faster then any man can . So teacher of AI intervention are you ready one put a space suit on . Know this campaign will be funded by a civilian space wall contributions fundraiser. As for a federal grant of 80 billions to start building 2 school west and south. One a school of Space medicine and doctor group and insutute Ariana AI group 


Lighting blu I can the lady Ariana voice as she holo graffiti into your air . Spot on is here translate into Spanish with a nod of your head. SMART UAU is the future at insutute of  AI Ariana . At this school you don't have to fit in to feel like you belong. With strick basic policy . If you want to learn and graduate with college credit out the door. 

Are goal are to have all students and teachers space walking ready by 2025 and planet hopping by 30 . Children graduates are expected to achieve at the own level. However you as a individual cannot graduate at the end of any semester unless your team or SPACE Ally you cannot gratitude. Meaning there is no last man . No last man standing. We all don't cross no one cross . Always no man left behind. In this school ie who achieve together are bonded by lesson developing as a squadron of independent mind working together to achieve the first cadets to plant hope .

Why is this campaign important because we as the people need to learn and develop are own band name outside of corporate and gov area of life . Meaning for many years have school boring and drown out . We went are children to learn and can be able to sit literature from his own real culture . We also want are children to be able to take care of themselves without worry about unfortunates of like because of proper campus security or police presence gate of all school like have at your prep schools . 

The children of the public school expect are school group have the power to defend it's like a fort knox if must . But more gentle with a tight of how you feel visiting the white house. You can't see the security but you can feel it . And act against a school is a could be considered a act of terroristim and all attacker data will be looked at as possible affiliated with ok know FBI watch list or friends or social media chat mate . 

This mean do not attack another school again are your hole family background will go through a global chack list . 

It's time we bring security to peace of mind and if are children have to risk there live to go to school then left give them the opportunity achieve.

. My kids gratitude with his class and teach at Berkeley high  Advanced Medicine Labs

Both lab with have a treacher assets. .

This is part one is the easiest step forward it life is a step met with a challenge 

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