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Mon, Nov 10, 2014 5:00 PM

Re: Anyone else out there having issues with Xfinity Mobile and Business Class Voicemail?

I too have been a longstanding customer with Comcast who had no problems with the "regular" Comcast until we switched to Comcast Business and now, I HAVE NO VOICEMAIL AT ALL! This is truly a disservice as I have been reporting this problem since August 2014 and it is now November 2014 and STILL NO VOICEMAIL! To say the least, this is extremely frustrating! When I follow the prompts outlined on the support portal, I call the number and get a busy signal. I also enter *99 and get a busy signal. This is not good as I am missing calls as well as business! Can someone PLEASE assist in this matter? I am truly fed up and am searching for another company who will provide the quality service that I am looking for and paying for.




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7 y ago

Hi DeltaGirl.  I apologize for the delay in the response. Voicemail was not included as a part of the original contract. Please contact the Business Service at 800-391-3000 option 2 for Business Services to have the feature added. As this addition could change your billing structure, the owner of record will have to verify CPNI information in order to make the change.


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