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Thu, Apr 10, 2014 4:00 PM

RCF - Down for over 3 months (Small Business Losing Business)

How long should it take to get a RCF to work?

I have been trying to get 2 RCF Business phone numbers from NGT/Level3 to be forward to my corrent phone number but Comcast Techs can not speak directly to them directly.  Not sure why not since both are Comcast companies.  I have spoken to over 2 dozen techs and tried to speak to managers.  The managers have tried to reach out to support groups for help and even failed. 

This really leaves me in the dark for the last 3 months and losing business.  No ONE can communicate to each other or me, and even if they say they are going to call me back they don't.

I have spoken to Level 3 and sent in the form to Comcast per their instructions and I have no answer if anything is working.


So far I have lose over $10,000 and I am losing over $250 per DAY!!!!

Additional question can can Comcast reimburse my company for lost business?


L Smith






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