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Tue, May 25, 2021 6:32 PM

phone solutions for virtual office

We're likely going to be changing from a physical office environment to a virtual office environment where everyone will be working from home.  We're a small business where anyone can answer an incoming call using the phone on his desk.  In a virtual environment, obviously those phones won't be there; we may decide to use company-purchased mobile phones.

Does Comcast have any business phone solutions to accommodate such a situation?  We currently have three external phone numbers, I expect we want to keep at least one of those, perhaps all three.  So we'd need a solution that would allow a customer to call our phone number, and the call gets routed to someone at home.

Kind of related to this is a desire is to have an Interactive Voice Response mechanism.  So a customer calling us would hear spoken instructions like "Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, press 3 for other calls".  The choice the customer makes would determine who at home gets the call.

A third desire, but not quite as urgent, relates to the nature of our business.  We're a software shop, and some of the software we sell communicates with PBX devices that control groups of telephones, such as in a company or a hotel.  At present we can test this software in our physical office with some of the physical phones sitting on our desks.  I'm wondering if Comcast has any type of solution that would allow this type of testing in a virtual environment.  I can provide more detail if desired.

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Hello and thank you! I really appreciate you being a member of the Comcast Business Family! These are some great questions that we are happy to help you come to a resolution in making the switch to work from home. Please reach out to our sales support team at 1(800) 391-3000 for product knowledge and options to change your service.