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Tue, Jun 13, 2017 12:00 PM

Phone number disconnected and ported out by unknown and unauthorized person

On May 13th our phone number,  which has been assigned to our business since inception, was disconnected with no notice.  After numerous phone calls we were told that someone called and cancelled our service January 25, 2017 and reassigned to a residential account.  This was not done by anyone associated with House of Steep and was unauthorized.  There was no recording on the number it was merely reassigned and we were told there was nothing that could be done.  We have called customer service, technical support and the representative within Comcast assigned to our account.  No one was helpful, could tell us why the phone was disconnected or offer any resolution. We were finally able to speak with Robert Britt who was the only person within Comcast that was able to research the problem and trace the information on what had occurred.  Mr. Britt has since been trying to contact the new owner of the number and get it reassigned back to us.  

We have lost a significant amount of business due to this error.  It seems unfathomable that anyone can call and disconnect a number and reassign it to another account, that there is no verification by Comcast that this is authorized. This number is published on numerous websites, publications and all of our literature.  To have this changed is a major undertaking and expense for a small business.
Comcast needs to rectify the situation that they created and reassign the phone number to our account immediately.  Every day we receive complaints from customers who have tried to contact us to make appointments.


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4 y ago

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3 y ago

How were you able to resolve this issue because Comcast did teh same ot me and my business is impacted because now I'm given a new number.