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Tue, Aug 18, 2020 10:00 AM

Phone call fails to be forwarded

One operator contacts the person to forward the phone call to is fine, but when the transfer button is pressed, the connection between the operator and the destination just disconnects and the phone call fails to be forwarded.  The caller remains on hold.


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Hi! Thanks for spending your time today to reach out to Comcast for help with the phone service! My name is Gabriel and I am with a group of expert specialists who are dedicated to assisting customers with phone service concerns such as this and we have a variety of self-service options for troubleshooting as well! As a customer myself, I understand the inconvenience that is caused when you experience service issues! I see that you have been waiting for over 4 hours for a response and I appreciate you for the time you have been waiting! You have reached the perfect live specialist to assist! Let’s get started! Would you mind sending a private message with your first/last name, address, and account number or a phone number linked to the account for security purposes?