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Tue, Jul 12, 2016 3:00 PM

Outage - Honesty and Transparency

Dear Comcast,


Your customers deserve to know what is going on and you are hiding behind your clandestine customer service policies. You have rumors going around that you have had an explosion in Colorado and you are having trouble with the backup.


Is there ANY chance that this won't resolve by this evening? We have businesses to operate, customers to serve and livelihoods to protect. I have a class action attorney drooling over this, so you best get real honest real fast and run a presser, or something that tells us what we can expect the next few days.


I MUST have service restored, or be able to forward my lines before the morning. If that can't happen, I need to know immediately so that I can make other arrangements for phone service to my business.


Zack with MercuryPDX 503-793-9150




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5 y ago

Why did the system status indicator on your site never change from "No reported outages in your area". This is totally useless. You need to communicate and be honest with your business customers who depend on your phone and internet service.

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5 y ago

I wanted to check to see if there has ever been an answer as to why the business phone systems were down for 7 hours on 7/12/2016? I've never heard a word from Comcast in the way of explanation nor an apology.


We just switched to Comcast in May so I am seriously doubting if I made the right decision. I can't believe that there can be a major outage like this and not another word has been spoken about it.


Has anyone ever heard anything about this debacle?