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Sun, Feb 22, 2015 2:00 PM

Masking disrupted phone service

Comcast was called mid-week to mask our phone lines so that when we called out from any of our 4 lines, people would see one phone number

However, Comcast has managed to completely disrupt our entire phone service so that none of our 4 lines are giving an error when called from the outside.

Comcast has, since Friday, not been able to find a solution.

Their supervisor tells us that techincal support had 8 business hour window to find a solution. So, they worked 6 hours on Friday, and now have 2 additional "business hours" to get this fixed on Monday.

This is a medical office, so Comcast has felt that this was not "critical" to our workflow and patients.

Their supervisor does not have the authority to either escalate the matter nor phone in an on-call team to find a solution to what might seem a critical problem for any business, let alone mine where customers (patients) cannot get a hold of us.

This is shameful for a company that seems to project itself as a bastion of customer service.

I suspect, that as they contract or outsource their solutions to outside the company- you get what you paid for- dissatisfied and disgruntled customers who have little other avenue for a grievance.

The supervisors have been rude, dismissive and appear to be reading from some manual that my child could recite.




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Hi MK.  I apologize for the problems you've encountered in your attempts to resolve this issue. I have contacted the  Regional Support Center to assist with resolution of this issue.


Thank You