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Thursday, September 28th, 2023 1:05 PM

How do I file an executive complaint on a false sale from salesperson from Comcast Business

Our business changed over some of our cell phones from Verizon to Comcast back in April, 2023.  I have had numerous problems since we have switched over.  Thank goodness we never switched all our cell phones and our tablets due to all the issues I have had.


  1. Michael Devine was my salesperson.  He has totally ghosted me and doesn’t return calls.  Now that he got his commission, I am sure he just washed his hands of our company.
  2. When Michael Devine set up our account, he set it up at the wrong location.  Our main business is in Malvern PA, but we have locations in Quakertown PA and Maryland.  The problems I have had to get this switched over to the Malvern branch was awful.  I had one person that really helped me out.  Her name was Sharika.  She was able to get the mail location switched to Malvern and help me to be able to log into our account so I can view our cell phones.  Again, I addressed this numerous times to Michael Devine, and he could have cared less.
  3. I have had a big complaint from our salesperson about after we switched over his phone to Comcast that his call dropped all the time.  This totally affects his job being on the phone all the time.  He complained until I changed it back to Verizon Wireless.
  4. I have emailed Michael Devine about the gift cards that we were supposed to receive once we switched the 10 phones over.  He doesn’t respond.  We switched this over at the end of April and it is the end of September.  How many months does it take for us to receive the gift cards as Michael Devine promised us?


Our business is in the service field.  If any of our customers have issues, we deal with them to get them resolved.  I am very disappointed with Comcast Business.  If you are in the business of helping your customers especially a business, you need to work harder on your business side especially for cell phones.  I wouldn’t recommend Comcast to anyone especially since I had a terrible experience with just moving 10 phones.  I can’t imagine any large business wanting to go through this pain staking procedure to change their cell phones.

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2 months ago

Hello, @user_38b5d8. I sincerely apologize for the negative experience you've had with your Comcast Business account, so far. This is definitely not the way we like for our customers to feel when activating a new account.

I would be more than happy to submit your feedback and check on the status of these gift cards. In order to get started, can you please click the chat bubble in the top right corner and send a message to our "Comcast Business" handle?