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Tue, Aug 12, 2014 1:00 PM

Can't access voicemail

I just attempted to retrieve messages for the first time.  I entered *99, got the system which told me I had 8 messages.  It said to play messages enter "1" which I did.  It did not recognize any entry and continued offered options until it had me enter the phone number associated with the account.  I entered my full phone number and it replied ""40507" is not a valid mailbox number.  I haven't been able to access my work voicemail since last Thursday and this really doesn't look good for my business.  Help!

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7 y ago

HI Coverguy.  Our Regional Support Center informed us that  they have worked with you to resolve the Voicemail access issue.  Additional information on business voicemail features and functionality can be obtained here. . Voicemail Overview.


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