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Mon, Nov 10, 2014 3:00 PM

An app for business voicemail retrieval?

I've been a customer of Comcast XFinity for my home and I really enjoy the 3 apps that go with my service.  I love being able to retrieve and be notified of voice mails on my home phone no matter where I am.  Sooooo.....with that in mind, I just switched over my business to Comcast Business phone after being a customer of ATT for 25 years.  Everything works in my business after the switchover, thank goodness. But I started looking for an app for my iPhone for features like the Xfinity app, and it seems that none exists.  I created an icon on my phone to the website, but it's a hassle to navigate to get to the voice mail area.  What is Comcast doing to create a iOS app? It would seem to me that this is a very important service to business customers. I've seen some negative comments on the bulletin boards about this.  Is Comcast listening? Thanks for your time.

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7 y ago

Hello chiro4u and welcome,


Unfortunately the Comcast Digital Voice telephone service does not provide any apps to allow your voicemail to be monitored. However, Comcast does have a VoiceEdge telephone product that does provide this and you can learn more about this at the following website access. Just signup for an overview session and if you have specific additional questions a direct contact will be provided.


Hope this helps you out.

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7 y ago

What's really annoying is that up until a few months ago, they did have an app that could do this - the consumer side app that you're using for home worked fine for business, got push notifications, could hear the VM's through the app, etc. But they disabled this functionality for some unknown reason - maybe to push that VoiceEdge product? Who knows? The VoiceEdge is way overkill for me for one simple feature.