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Wed, Mar 23, 2022 11:53 AM

You don't have permission to access ""[Edited: "Language"]????

Was updating accounts, users, voiceedge, then You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.cc427568.1648035992.18bb22e0

Seriously,<EDIT: Language>Comcast?? I am on your internet using your router and static IP. I am not about to reset my browser to fix YOUR PROBLEM. Really not a happy customer. Private support that promised new boxes for TV is a farce. SOmeone is just putting out fires so the public webverse is not chocked full of customer gripes with this service. Can you say cancel contract....

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Hi,drabusharrmd. Thank you for reaching out and creating a new post. We're sorry to hear about the poor experience, and we're here to assist with the service issues you're experiencing. We have received your direct message with your information and will continue to assist you there.