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Mon, Jul 26, 2021 11:28 PM

You cannot depend on Comcast business to tell the truth or take responsibility for their mistakes

I am moving my business on Thursday, July 29. I went ahead and called Comcast business on July 12 to set up for installation at the new address for this Tuesday, July 27 between 11am and 2pm. I have an email from Comcast with that date and that time. I make arrangements to complete wiring on a new construction by that day, to take time off work, and to travel 90 minutes to the location to be there for the installation.

Out of curiosity, I got online to view the installation timing and see it is not Monday, August 2. No notice, no email, no call. It simply was changed.

In a panic, I contact Comcast. I am told they have no idea why the date was changed. They try to "escalate" a ticket to get me a call back in 2-4 hours. Call never comes. I contact them again. They again "escalate" a ticket and promise a call back in 24 hours. I say that is going to be too late (as I have planned to be there tomorrow). They say that is all they can do.

No explanations. No making things right. No honor. 

Comcast business is a joke. I will cancel as soon as I can. No one should depend on them. They are useless.

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10 m ago

Hello, @klwilbur! Thank you for reaching out here! I'm sorry for your experience. It is not the one we wanted you to have. If you could please provide your name and service address in a Peer to peer chat, I would be happy to check that ticket for you and see if there is anything else I may be able to help with on my end. I look forward to your reply.


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