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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 8:00 PM

wrong call ID

I have hair salon 8 years using all the time with  Comcast. However our call ID shows to customers wrong business name.  It was sometime nail salon, different hair salon name.  etc.....

Comcast business customer service always explain it isn't their problem, it is ourside problems.

However my customer doesnt pick up phone from us because different business name. 

I am loosing business because of this!!

Please somebody help me, I need to fix it.  Its been like this..... Believe me if there is AT&T available in our area, I would changed long time ago.  but there is only available comcast my area, I have no choice.....

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Hello, how are you? I hope my reply finds you at a good time and your day is going well. I am very glad you have been a long-time customer with us, but I am sorry your caller ID has been broken for way too long. This is disappointing and I would be dissatisfied as well. This is a feature that we need to fix for you, and we can take care of this. Please send a private message so we can use your account information to locate your account and help. Please include your name exactly as it appears on your account, your full-service address, and your account number. (or phone number)