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Tue, Oct 20, 2015 5:00 PM

What a nightmare

It has been a nightmare since signing up for Comcast Business in June. I still cannot add any new users since singing up. I have an open ticket about this. Last month I paid my Home account with my Business Account amount by mistake. I called Comcast to get them to transfer the money from my Home to Business account. At first the tech did not want to do this, but I convinced her to do it anyways, at least I thought I did. She said she did it and removed the late fee from my Business account. Nope, she lied. She never did the transfer and I never got the late fee removed. Just lied to me about it. I talked to Business support about my open ticket of not being able to add any new users. The tech even tried to add a user to my account and could not. I asked for a discount as I am not getting what I paid for. He agreed and said he would add a $20 discount to my bill. Nope, never happened. No discount applied. Then today I thought I would try and add a new user, may be it would work today. I then noticed that I have another user that appeared on my account? Ok, may be tech worked on this an was able to add a new user. Great, I thought. May be I can add a user also. Nope, did not work. Ok, well may be I can work with this one other user. I did not know the password they setup for this new user, so I thought I would change the users password. Nope, does not work. It keeps saying "We're sorry, there has been an error processing your request. Please try again.". Well, I tried again and again and cannot reset the password.


The problem with adding new users is not new:



5 months now and I still cannot add any users or edit the one that just showed up. I just needed some place to vent. Thanks for listening.


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6 y ago

Hello srossell and welcome to forums.


I see your trouble ticket was closed, are you still experiencing this issue? If so please send me a private message with the Business ID (email) that is having trouble so I may investigate.