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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 12:00 PM

Upgrade... or Upcharge

On Tuesday I signed a contract to upgrade my internet speed which would include Security Edge product which I did not want.  I was told that it had to be on the contract but could be removed any time after the upgrade for no penalty.  The upgrade fee is 29.95 and the fee for the Security Edge is 29.95.  When I called on Thursday to cancel the Security Edge option I was informed that I would have to pay a 29.95 change of service fee.  So now to upgrade which required no visit from a technician I have to pay 29.95 for upgrade and 29.95 for Security edge that I never used and then another 29.95 to change the service that I wanted off of the contract in the first place.  I am frustrated because now I am paying lots of extra money that I would have probably just changed what I was doing instead of getting penalized for changing.  I was contacted by several sales persons telling me I need to upgrade and after my upgrade was contacted by a Senior Business Account Executive.  He contacted me an wanted to talk about my service.  I emailed him with the above scenario with no response.  Just very frustrated that told one thing and then told another but all it does is just cost me more money.  

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