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Thu, Jan 1, 2015 4:00 PM

Unexplained, past due and penalty charges while on autopay...

Started with Comcast Business early November 2014. Delighted with service now. Account # .........1901


Billing has quickly become messy. CR423876187 Spoke to John (Comcast) who could not explain what happened.


$109.95 UNEXPLAINED on current account. John credited $99.95. Why$99.95? Don't know.


$16.12 UNEXPLAINED past due amount. Unexplained?Doesn't show on my account online but is reported by phone system when calling in to Comcast. Have been on autopay since I opened my Comcast account. Past due payments should be impossible.


Late Fees? UNEXPLAINED. I don't have the full ledger. John told me there were late fees on the above past due $16.12


Under contract I expected to pay $112.90 monthly service with one time charge of $49.00 installation. Just changed to $82.90 monthly.


Help please?! Before this gets out of hand. I stopped the autopay. I will manually pay the bills as published to avoid further late fee difficulties, but this is under duress and I do need full refunds of misbillings. Hope I caught this in time. Need a supervisor to take a look at this. John tried.

James 501-291-3394


FYI we had 4 days of interrupted/no service, numerous tech visits. Matter resolved. John (Comcast) saw nothing in the notes to warrant an extra charge of $109.95. No equipment was changed or added, no outlets or service points were moved.


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6 years ago

HI jade winter. I apologize for the issues you've encountered with this issue.  I have engaged the Business Service Center Billing Team to assist with resolution of this issue.


Thank you