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Tue, Jul 25, 2017 3:00 PM

Standard 36 Month Contract? Sneaky, sneaky reps.



So I moved from my previous location recently (it was a rented location and I was forced to move as the owner decided to sell the property -- knowing this was a possibility, I would not have willingly signed a 36 month contract had I noticed in time), thinking I could cancel my business service as I did not need it any longer, and I started up residential service at my new location instead of business class. Upon attempting to cancel my current business service at the old address, I am told I have to buy out the next 11 months. Confused, I asked why? As I thought that when I moved into my previous address I had signed a 2 year agreement, because the minimum is 24 months, and my rep did not ask me if I wanted a 36 month agreement. In the haze of dealing with moving, I signed the contract, now 2 years later I try to cancel, and find out I signed a 3 year agreement because my rep decided "oh hey, he needs 3 years of service for sure, I'll just toss that on the contract." Contracts should be set to 24 months and at the REQUEST of the customer should be increased to 36 months by the rep. Not set to 36 months and lowered to 24 months at the customers request.


Even though I am still a Comcast customer, though residential now, I am required to pay out the 11 months left on my contract due to a rep being sneaky and setting my contract to 36 months without noticing. On top of this, I have been a business class customer for about 6 years now. What a great way to reward your loyal customers, Comcast. This is just blatant robbery.


The rep I spoke to on the phone said nothing could be done, so I will be filing a complaint with the FCC -- reps should have to clearly specify that you are signing for 36 months and not 24. This sort of shady manuever and behavior is BEYOND reprehensible. I checked all of my communications between the rep and myself that I could find, and nowhere was it mentioned about bumping up to a 36 month agreement on my previous move, the only place it showed up was sneakily in the contract.


If I hadn't already signed a 1 year agreement on residental at my current address, I would be dropping Comcast as a whole.


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4 y ago

Hello brodach42 and welcome to forums,


I apologize for you experience with the contracting and disconnection of your account. I would like to investigate this issue closer to see how the Loyalty team can better resolve this. Would you please send me a private message with your best contact number and the account information of your residential service.


Thank You



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