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Fri, Mar 23, 2018 1:00 PM

Required to Pay for Internet Service Twice for Same Location (X1 Double Play + Business Internet)

I recently signed a contract for a business internet solution for business class internet.  My existing services were the X1 Triple Play (i do not use the phone) so had phone + internet + tv.  So my conversation with my rep we discussed that I was going to keep the X1 TV service and use a business class tier for my internet service, because I need reliable connectivty, guaranteed up/down data rates, and if there is a problem same day service.  However, my issue arrises from the fact that I am required to have a residential internet service in order to keep my X1 digital tv service, as I was told it needs to use the cable modem for it to work properly. I know that is not the case as currently I only have my business class modem active on my business account and also have my X1 cable box that is associated with my residential account. THERE IS NO RESIDENTIAL CABLE MODEM ACTIVE OR CONNECTED ON MY ACCOUNT OR PHYSICALLY AT MY RESIDENCE.  


So now I have to pay for internet services from the same company for the same physical location even though there is no technical reason why this scenario needs to be in place.  As I said before there is no active residential cable modem on my account nor with my service but I pay for it on my bill.  Now if I could get the TV service on my business account I would, but they do not allow business cable tv at a residential location, nor do they offer X1 (at least to my knowledge).  So because of someone's inability to make changes to nothing more than billing codes on whatever software comcast uses, and/or refusal to make these changes even when it is the right thing to do.


So what would you do?  Would you keep the comcast service? or would you go find another service provider.  I have been a customer for comcast/xfinity for 10+ years but questioning whether or not I should to continue if there is not a resolution to this business problem.





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3 y ago

Hi thewrx and welcome to the business forums.


Since you have business internet services in your home, business cable services would not be allowed here since this is zoned as a residential unit. X1 services are also not allowed within business services either since DVR services such as recording would be prohibited.

Also, since you do not have residential internet services, some features on the X1 would not work such as Youtube or Pandora. 


If you need any additional assistance, please private message me your full name, the name of your business, the full address and the phone number associated with your business account.