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Tue, Oct 1, 2019 2:00 PM


Relocating Overhead Lines-Trying to Get in Contact with Engineering

Hi- I've called the customer service lines a number of times in order to begin the relocation process of some overhead lines that will have to move as the poles they are on are being relocated.


One of the ticket numbers I was given was 049803321


Please help!



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3 y ago

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us through our business Forums. I would love to assist with getting the overhead lines moved for you. Can you please reach out through private message with your first and last name, the full service address and the account number or phone number and we will get started. -Comcast_Michelle



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I am in a similar situation as this original post mentioned, I am looking for a contact number for Comcast Engineering department to determine if Comcast owns the lines on specific poles in Baltimore City, since those poles will be relocated. Can you assist with this? 

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