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Wed, Apr 23, 2014 2:00 PM

Poor customer service

Let me start out by saying that with my situation, no one seems to be of any help. I work for home and needed reliable internet service with good results on any problems with the connection.  I've recently moved from my previous address and I've submited the cancelation paperwork.  I've already tried to explain that I no longer live at the old address and there for dont need the service any longer. I've canceled the account and all I want them to do is reflect my new address so no new bills/documents are sent to the old address.  Why is this so hard to do? I dont need service at my new address, just want to end the current one for my old address. 


I already agree to pay for all the ETF and plus the 60 days notice of cancelation, just change the address so new tenants can ativate their own service.  Everyone at comcast is so eager to just sign a new contract for another 3 years of service just so I can change the address on the account. What a load of crap.  Thanks for nothing Comcast and this is the last time I deal with the greedy company that you are.




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