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Tue, Jul 8, 2014 1:00 PM

New user trouble

Not sure where else to ask, hope this is the right place...


I created a new user for a fellow employee that handles the bill for our account.  She didn't activate the account soon enough and the system wouldn't let her in.  "Activation process has expired" she says.  I went in, deleted the account and now trying to recreate it with the same email, but now it's telling me "The email address selected is already registered, please select another email address".


So apparently deleting the account didn't actually delete it.  Anyone with suggestions?  Thanks.




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7 y ago

Hello LL312 and welcome,


When deleting a Business Class Portal (BCP) webmail address, sometimes it can take 24 hours for the webmail server to permenantly exponge that email address. Log in using your BCP administrator webmail account, then click manage emails and make absolutely sure that Comcast webmail address is not still in your BCP.


Please be advised that if you are setting up a Comcast webmail address for this user to handling bill paying transactions, this requires minimum system level privilidges for authorization to handle these account transactions. These privilidges can be setup by the BCP administrator webmail account.


Hope this helps you out.