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Fri, Oct 16, 2015 10:00 AM

New Bill shows past due and shows charges for services I do not have



First let me start by saying that your billing setup is horrible.


Second I received a past due notice on my first bill on 9/31, when by bill was not even due till 10/9

I paid the bill on 10/4, but on 10/3 the system generated a new bill


New bill shows past due even though payment was made on time and there are charges for services I do not have

I asked to have a new bill generated with the correct services and with the credits for cancelling before the 30days was up and was told that is not possible.


I want my bill fixed and updated to show the correct amount due and only show the services that I currently have.


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5 years ago

Hello Steven and welcome to forums.


Could you please private message me your business account number so we can investigate the issue?

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5 years ago

Hi.  I had the same problem.  My first bill was due on 11/2 and I went to pay it today (10/29) which is before the due date.  The system said I was past due and I guess it generated a new bill on 10/28.  The original bill was generated on 10/8 which a due date of 11/2.  I talked with a person that was really nice and he reversed the late fee of $9.50 (which I should have never been charged since the due date was 11/2) but this experience did not set well with me.  I take pride in paying my bills on time especially the first bill.  I fired AT&T to go to Comcast because of their billing issues and now I have the same problem with Comcast.  Hope this is not a sign for future billing.