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Tue, Jan 19, 2021 2:00 PM

MyAccount Website error message after every successful login

I registered my account and successfully logged in. 

The website said I already had another account asked me to link them, which I did. 


Now the My account website is giving "Something went wrong" error after every successful login.

I also now have what appears to be a shadow account with no location linked. 

           When I change account to that location, I get the same error message. 


FYI, I only have the one single location and this is a new comcast business account.  


See attached pic


Is this an error with the website or how my account was setup? 

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Hello, @CB, I am sorry about the account login issue after linking your account. We can take the right actions to get this fixed, we just need to take a closer look at your account and username. Just send us a private message with your name, service address. If you have never sent us a PM this link can come in handy. The "Private Messenger" section at the bottom can help.