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Mon, Jan 25, 2021 6:00 PM

My Account Customer Portal Issues

We have multiple issues on our My Account Customer Portal. On 1/04/21 we upgraded our service and on 1/11/21 comcast installed our new equipment. We went from business internet 150 with a block of 5 static IPs to Gig Internet with a single static IP. We also included in our package Comcast Business Security Edge and 4G LTE Connection Pro cellular backup. I have called comcast multiple times regarding the issues below and have got no where.


First issue under My Account our subscription service still shows the internet as Business Internet 150 when we have Gig speed internet now.


Second issue when I go to My Account > Services > Internet > Static IP it is showing our old block of 5 static IP addresses. When we went from a block of 5 static IP addresses to a single IP address they had to give us a new IP which is fine, but our account is still showing our block of 5 IPs and not our new single static IP.


Final issue when I go to My Account > Services > Internet according to the comcast website I am supposed to see a link that says Connection Pro. This is supposed to show me the status of our 4G LTE Cellular backup along with other useful information such as reports. Directions for Connection Pro on Comcast's website. 


Under My AccountUnder My AccountUnder My Account > Services > InternetUnder My Account > Services > Internet


Can anyone help me get this corrected or point me in the right direction to getting this corrected. I have called comcast numerous time with no resolution.



Still no response from comcast, but it does appear that the first issue is resolved. My account is showing my internet as just Business Internet.


As far as the other issues no response from comcast.

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