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Mon, Dec 7, 2020 2:00 PM

I've been promised to get a phone call back from BSC about my billing problem but it NEVER happens

I signed a 3 year agreement with Comcast Business on 9/5/18 that showed a $100 MRC discount off internet and a $25 MRC discount off each of 3 mobility phone lines at a discounted rate of $19.95 (so effectively a $75 discount for the 3 phone lines).  The contract was executed 9/5/18, so the contract pricing should be honored until 9/5/21.  On my July 20, 2020 billing part of the discount rolled off my billing and on August 20th billing the entire discount rolled off my bill.  I have called and explained this to over a dozen people.  I have 14 ticket numbers that I have received from all my phone calls over the past 4 months.  Everyone I have spoken with agrees that the discount should not have rolled off.  Some people even say they understand why it rolled off, because whomever re-did the contract in 2018, didn't actually renew the $75 discount that I was already receiving on a previous contract from a couple of years earlier.   Everyone says the credit will be implemented and I will be called back by the loyalty retention supervisor within 4 hours, within 24 hours, within a few days; and it never happens.   

Every time I call, I am told the same exact thing.   They say they will get my account credited by the supervisor and let me know when it is accomplished.   But nothing ever happens.  I call again and start the whole conversation over.  I am certain I will get no response from this message either, so I will just continue calling and attaining more ticket numbers.  I guess when I get to 100, I will probably quit.   I would love to leave Comcast for cheating me all these months, but admittedly the service is better than fair.  We have a good amount of short outages, but I don't know if the competition will be any better.      I did some calculations and figured out what credit I should be receiving as of now.  The credit partially rolled off my July 20th billing (prorated).  You will see on June 20th billing (and all the previous bills going back to my contract date of 9/5/18),  I was receiving the $75 discount on the 3 mobility voice lines.   But on July 20th, it was reduced to $29.01, and the starting August 20th, it went to ZERO.

So I am owed:

July $45.99 plus tax

August $75.00 plus tax

September $75.00 plus tax

October $75.00 plus tax

November $75.00 plus tax

The tax is substantial , probably about 11.5% is what I figured

So $345.99 plus 11.5% = $39.79 = $ 385.78


If December doesn’t get adjusted, then I would be owed another credit for $75 = 11.5% = $ 83.63.


Howard Tolsky 

DSA Finance Corp.

3126 N Lincoln Ave

Chicago IL 60657


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1 y ago

I am going to reply myself.  I want to shout out a big Hallelujah.  I finally reached a supervisor who actually has been able to accomplish half of what I have requested.   I got the credit that is due me up to today, now we shall see if they get the future billings corrected.