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Thu, Dec 27, 2018 2:00 PM

HELP ! - Comcast mixed messages about cancelling and financial liability


I have worked off and on for someone for about two years and he recently started a lease on some office space and said I am now the fulltime administrator for his business.


I instructed me to obtain internet/TV service for the office so I contacted Comcast and ordered service.  In then wanted me to reduce the term from two years to one year so we had to cancel the first contract and complete a new contract for 12 months.


Now he wants to cancel it all together to to money woes.  When I try to cancel it I get many different responses from each time call.



I am told that I cant cancel now without incurring termination fees becasue it have been past 20 days from the installation date.

and others state it is from the date of the last service order and I still have a week to cancel without incurring fees.



I am told that I am personally financialy liable for the account since I am the one who signed it even if I started the service in the name of my employer's compant and company address stating I am the administrator.

Others tell me that it is in the name of the company and unless I am an officer of the company I am not liable at all.  


The boss let me go because of the money problems and doesnt want to or cant pay even the first monthly bill and now I am faced with extended unemployment and have this hanging over my head.


I have read everydocument provided to me and others that I have located ad though the word customer is of course used often I cannot find anything about a signature authorized by the company owner.


I was was given a number to the legal team and told they would be able to help but when I called the number I was told it was for law enforcement only.  I asked if maybe I pressed the wrong option and was told that no matter which option I select I will still get the save team as the options are for tracking metrices only.


Can anybody shed a lght on this for me?  Can somebody show me where it says that an employee can be mad responsible for the business account even if not a oartner in the company?   Has anybody contacted their local TV station to research this or learn and verify what the truth is?   All I want to do is end the service and continue my job searc and get my furnace fixed.


I know now to have the client sgn the contract but I didnt see this problem coming before.


Why would Comcast jeopardize tens of years of me contininuing be a residential customer just to collect 1 yr of 25Mbps internet and basic cable which has been active less than 2 months.


Thank you for reading this and I eagerly await your views


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2 years ago

i only write this in your post as there is no way for me to create a post.

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2 years ago

Comcast was the only service in town so i was forced to have them for my business. In 3 years my internet cost increased 85%..... AND I was being charged for services I had repeatedly called to have removed- each time being assured it was taken care of, yet remained on my bill.


As soon as we had another internet service was coming to town, i called comcast and asked, can i cancel my service at any time? do i have to keep paying for 2 months after i cancel my service (as i heard this was a common practice of comcast)? The day i cancel service is the day i no longer have to pay? The person told me- no i dont have a contract, i can cancel at any time and if im not getting service i will not be billed. i asked for confirmation of that and they said yes. once i cancel, i no longer have to pay.


The day i got my new fiber internet service, i cancel and return all my equipment. I am told that whoever i talked to wasnt trained properly and i still have to pay for 2 month. that i misunderstood the person. i still have to pay for 2 month even for a service and equipment i no longer get/have.


im not allowed to talk to anyone in legal as they only talk to other lawyers.


another example of the rich who have millions to hire lawyers (who i paid of in part) taking advantage of regualr people who dont have money to pay for lawyers. 


they say it is my choice to be taken to collections to not paying a $256 bill for services i never had.


disgusting people who run this company, but no one can afford to sue them or have them conduct ethical business.

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2 years ago

Hey, jadeninja.Thanks for visiting our Comcast Business Support Forums.


We sent you a reply on the following post:

We'd like to take a look at your account and assist you. Please, send me a private message with your full name, address and, account number. To send me a private message click my name and you'll  be routed to my profile. There, you'll see the option to private message me on the right hand side of the screen.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!