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Fri, Mar 15, 2019 10:00 PM

Had to close Business due to Illness Comcast Business / Residential not trying to help resolve

To whom it may concern, (sorry this is so long)  Ive been a comcast residential tv, internet and phone customer for at least 4 years.

I also have comcast business tv, phone and internet at my salon owned by my wife for at least 3 years. 

My wife had to stop working due to heart issues and we had to close the business.

I contacted Comcast business to inform them of this in hopes to work out something with the remaining time on the contract.


I explain my situation to rep Jonathan Capelli who was not considerate at all only allowing the option of either paying a almost $2000 disconnect fee, get someone to take over the account or move the account to my home where I already have comcast triple play service. I even suggested to add a year to my residential account to absorb what would be left on the business account (both accounts would be up within 2 years anyway and you keep a customer).


He also stated I could move 2 of the 3 services to my home and then disconect the residential services. So I reluctantly agreed being that I dont want to pay $2000 for somehting Im not using.


The install tech that came to my home was actually the same guy that installed my business and after explaining the situation was not sure somthing less evasive couldnt be worked out

Once the tech was done I called "unforseen circumstances" and I should be able to cancel the contract. He transfers me to the business side, explaines to Jose and it seemed as though I would finally get some help. Jose logged a ticket with the disconnect team and stated someone should call me on monday. 


no call on monday so I reach out to the disconnect team and my ticket was closed. I speak with Eugene Streeper with the disconnect team and he initually was not sure puts me on hold but returns and proceeds to advise if i have documention regarding the Business closing due to my illness that would fall under unforseen circumstances and gives me the email " He gives me a CR reference number and I look it up and its closed.


I still send the documentation and then call the disconnect team to confirm the email was recieved. 


I speak with Sapna who says I was given incorrect information and that this will need to be reviewed by a supervisor and she gives me a reference number and guess what, its closed.


Im not confident that I will get a call back. Im hoping to get some type of assistance as comcast business and residential are acting as though they are 2 eperate companies who cant work together to keep a loyal customer.




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2 years ago

cbbanks03, thanks for reaching out about your disconnect concerns. Let's review the info on your account and see what updates we have with our retention team. Please send me a  private message with your full name, address, and phone number associated with your account for help.