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Sat, Oct 29, 2016 9:00 AM

Funds not credited back into account despite assurance from representative.

Last billing cycle, I spoke to a chat rep about charges on home service.


I was never told about the charges for the home visit and since it was apparently "not comcast's fault", we got charged around $100 or whatever the base fee was, like 99.95 or something.  When I called on the phone about the service not coming back on, IT WAS THE REP who OFFERED to send out someone, and she never told me about the charge, nor did the service personnale who came to my house.


Obviously I was surprised to see the charges when the service rep literally just secured a wire (which in my opinion, if the wire wasn't secured properly and no one's touched it since the first rep installed it, isn't that a fault on Comcasts's part for not installing it properly??), and to top it off our service literally came back 30 minutes before the guy got here.


The chat rep, which I'm assuming never left a note and didn't think I'd take screenshots of the conversation, told me that the charges will be credited back into my account this billing cycle, and surprise surprise, I wake up to find the charges still there, AND WITH LATE FEES FOR NOT PAYING THE CHARGES.  I don't understand if this how Comcast does things, but right now I feel like I got scammed so I'm pretty pissed off, and I just want to get the money back and the late fee charges dropped.




Here are the pictures from the chat and this is in full. I also never got a confirmation email or anything about having requested help like they send with phone calls.  I don't see anyway that this could just be a miscommunication as it's very clear what the chat says.


I'd really appreciate it if any employees here will get this sorted out for me.


Thank you.


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4 years ago

Hello aw_vxxv welcome to the forum,


Please check your private messages for an update on your case. 


Thank you